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Digital Marketing Company in Wayanad, Kerala | Techfinit
Digital Marketing Company in Wayanad, Kerala | Techfinit
SEO Company in Wayanad, Kerala

Targeted Keyword Research

Optimize your keyword selection to enhance SEO and appeal to your desired B2B audience with laser precision.

SEO Company in Wayanad, Kerala

Content Optimization

Create compelling, SEO-rich content to engage your audience and establish your brand as an industry authority.

SEO Company in Wayanad, Kerala

Technical SEO Expertise

Optimize site performance, structure, and crawlability for higher search engine visibility.

How we consistently help our clients rank on page 1 on Google for any keyword using our proven SEO strategies

SEO Company in Wayanad, Kerala

Keyword research

Conduct thorough keyword research, focusing on relevance to local SEO and search intent, while considering search volume. Categorize the keywords based on relevant themes. Next, identify the URLs on your website that have the potential to rank well for the finalized list of keywords.

On page SEO

This phase includes mainly doing a site audit of your website and identifying areas on your website that can be improved.

  • SEO content writing (i.e. blogging)
  • Internal linkings
  • Title optimizations (H1, H2 tags)
  • Rich snippets
  • Meta headlines and descriptions
  • Fixing broken links
  • Setting up Google Analytics, Google Search Console
  • Removing duplicate content
  • Improving existing content
  • Caching
  • Standardizing Name, Address, Phone
  • W3C Validation
  • Deep links
SEO Company in Wayanad, Kerala
SEO Company in Wayanad, Kerala

Off page SEO

This phase plays a crucial role in establishing your website’s authority in the eyes of Google. Key tasks involved in this phase include:

  • Backlinks from high Domain Authority sites
  • Local citations
  • Link building
  • Web 2.0 backlinks
  • Industry website listings
  • Disavow spammy backlinks
  • Local forums posting
  • Social bookmarking
  • Image optimizations (image alt tags )
  • Optimizing Google My Business
  • Building tiered-backlinks structure
  • Backlinks diversification (blogs, forums, social media etc)

Technical SEO

This phase of SEO mainly include technical website fixes to improve your website’s SEO-friendliness. Some tasks include

  • SEO-friendly URL structure
  • Schema markup
  • Website loading speed
  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap
  • SEO code issues
  • Canonical URLs
  • SSL certification (HTTPS)
  • Redirect relevant URLs
  • Indexing status
  • Image optimizations
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Mobile responsive fix
SEO Company in Wayanad, Kerala


Link building is like making connections on the internet, crucial for enhancing a website’s visibility, authority, and credibility. It involves obtaining links from external websites that direct users back to your own site, playing a significant role in boosting online presence and search engine rankings

Why is TechFinit considered the leading SEO agency in Wayanad?

TechFinit is recognized as the leading SEO agency in Wayanad, Kerala due to its specialization in providing top-notch SEO services tailored to meet specific needs. The dedicated team at TechFinit understands the ins and outs of SEO, making them the go-to SEO company in Wayanad, kerala.

: Effective link building enhances a website’s visibility, authority, and credibility by securing endorsements from other websites. Google views these links as votes of confidence, establishing the site as an authority on specific topics and fostering a network of beneficial backlinks.

Businesses should steer clear of low-quality and harmful links, such as those from untrustworthy or spammy sites. Inauthentic link-building practices, like mass purchasing links, can harm a site’s reputation. TechFinit emphasizes the importance of maintaining integrity for long-term success

TechFinit considers factors such as relevance, authority, placement within a page’s text, and descriptive anchor text when distinguishing good links from bad ones. Relevant links from authoritative sources, strategically placed within content, enhance the SEO value of the links.

Understanding link attributes like “follow” and “nofollow” is crucial in optimizing link building. While “follow” links are generally preferable, recent updates indicate that “nofollow” links from high-authority sites can still provide benefits. TechFinit provides insights into leveraging these attributes for optimal results.

Internal link building, linking to other pages within the same domain, improves a site’s search engine rankings. It makes navigation easier for search bots and users, contributing to improved site engagement and reduced bounce rates.

TechFinit shares fundamental link-building strategies, including manual addition of links to directories and social media profiles, outreach to other sites, and creating valuable content that naturally attracts links, such as authoritative guides and infographics

TechFinit extends beyond being the best SEO agency in Wayanad; it acts as a partner in guiding businesses through the complexities of SEO and link building. Contact TechFinit today to explore how expert services can enhance online presence and propel businesses to new heights.


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